The MICAS kindergarten

An own kitchen, a large and versatile arranged playground with a little racetrack, early musical, linguistic, technical and scientific support, small groups (up to 8 children in the nursery and up to 12 children in the kindergarten) - there is a lengthy list of wishes for a modern kindergarten and often it is hard to find a relevant institution.

We have an aim: We want to respond to children’s needs, especially elementary needs for high quality and individual child care. That’s why MICAS has built the company kindergarten ‘Pfiffikus’. Since August 2009 all children from our employees can use the institution and if we have spare capacity, you can bring your child to us too.

Our groups are made up of eight to twelve children aged between 1 and 3 or 3 and 6 years. Our opening hours are adapted to the need, for instance our weekly opening hour is from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We support the linguistic, technical and scientific education and the musical talent of the children in particular.

The daily movement, the playing in the nature and the improvement of the health are also very important and we like to support that.

All these aspects should be reached in learning by doing. Furthermore it is important for us to offer a healthy and balanced diet. Our children have the chance to take part in the food and drink preparation and that way they become sensitized at an early age. For further information please contact

MICAS AG, Katja Hillenbrand, Turleyring 18-22, 09376 Oelsnitz. Telephone: 0049 37298/309-200, E-Mail: k.hillenbrand@micas.de