Über WH-Elektronik

WH-Elektronik is synonymous with innovative, customised and high-quality cable and electronic products for a choice range of industrial applications. Founded in 1979, we have established ourselves as an international medium-sized service provider offering customised assembled electrical cables and wiring, control systems and wound components. Our offices and manufacturing sites are located in Albstadt (Baden-W├╝rttemberg), Oelsnitz/Ore Mountains (Saxony) and Sousse (Tunisia).

We are a valued systems supplier of:
  • Assembled cable and wiring systems, from single strands to complex cable harnesses
  • Toroidal transformers and prismatic transformers
  • Special coils and sensor coils
  • Complete systems and assemblies
  • Plastic injection parts and metal processing
  • Thread guidance systems and thread brakes for the textiles industry

Our products are used in a variety of sectors including in automation systems and building services, and can be found in airports, office buildings, industrial complexes, logistics facilities, railway engineering and agricultural equipment.

Our products are a synthesis of resource-efficiency, comfort and safety, with function, quality and cost carefully tailored to match the application. We like to call this ecological-economical sustainability. This approach helps to achieve cost and time savings for our customers, and reliably safeguards our quality and technology in the long term.

Our aim is to be a family-friendly company and we offer an award-winning MICAS day and after-school care facility, a canteen and flexible working hours, which we believe are the vital ingredients to ensuring a thriving working environment.

Ultimately, we are committed to our role as a competent, service-focused and personable partner, consultant and supplier.